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91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide recommendations and offers that are relevant to them. 72% of consumers say they only engage with personalized messaging.


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Actually I could tick every box given in Sheli's attributes. She has a fantastic creative mind and a real understanding of branding and awareness. I first asked her to help an Internet start up in 1998 and she produced a magnificent website back in Web 1.0 days. Most recently she designed a magazine aimed at Chinese HNWI for one of my clients. She is also diligent and personable. Hire Livethos.

Liz Moscrop, Gearup.TV

I have worked with Sheli of Livethos for 12yrs and I highly recommend her and her team. She is always brilliant at thinking up creative ideas on the go and has an uncanny ability for detail in executing those ideas. She has an amazingly diverse skill set, from the design trenches to developing long term branding and marketing strategies. Livethos aims for and gets results.

Moray Wedderburn, Moray Media

I worked with Sheli for several months on a leading wellness eCommerce platform in Asia.

Sheli has a keen eye for the creative and an exceptional work ethic to back it up. I highly recommend her work and will no doubt be conducting business with her in the future.

James Graham, One Stop Brewing Ltd


We have hired Livethos to work on various projects. Sheli and her team has always delivered highly creative work within the client's budget. Sheli is very professional and focused when doing the project and we are happy to use her again, we would recommend to her and Livethos to anyone.

Charlie Medd, Creative Vortex